Gerry Seniors Ring In 2014

GERRY – The Rodeo City Senior Citizens of Gerry recently held their New Year’s luncheon and program at the United Methodist Church in Gerry. President Leona Peterson welcomed all and wished everyone a Happy New Year, and led all in the pledge of allegiance. The luncheon was held at noon, with a variety of food dishes being provided by the members of the group. A fine lunch was enjoyed by all. The blessing prior to the meal was given by the Rev. Raymond McGinnis. New Year’s table decorations were provided by Valerie Bartholomew. Peterson recognized new members to the group and welcomed them saying that this group is here to have lunch, a meeting and fun.

Following the luncheon, Peterson presented to the group a history of the New Year and the changes in the calendar over the many centuries. Peterson said that dating back to more than 2,100 years ago, the beginning of the new year was in March, closer to the spring season. However, the beginning was moved to January using one of the Greek gods named Janus which meant he stood out in front. Peterson then added that the calendar was reinvented by Julius Caesar in an attempt to put the seasons back into their proper perspective. July and August were added to the calendar which meant that September, October, November and December were moved up two months. To add to the new year’s program, Peterson researched some of the many customs which other countries follow at that time. These included kinds of special foods, special guests on New Year’s Day, and 11 days of celebration. This was to show the customs of the new year throughout the world. A wonderful program of much research was very informational for all.

Wagonmaster O. Winston Bartholomew who is in charge of tours, gave a summary of the upcoming bus tour with a play. Payment for the tour is due no later than the beginning of March. Secretary Margie McIntyre read the minutes of the previous meeting, and in the absence of the sunshine chairman, read those who are celebrating a birthday, and anniversary in January. The birthday and anniversary songs were led by Bartholomew, who also gave the treasurer’s report of the group. The next gathering of the group will be on Friday, Feb. 14 at noon in Gerry. Members are asked to bring a dish of food to pass and their own table service. This meeting closed with the group singing “Blest Be The Tie That Binds.”

New members are always welcome.