JHS?Sets Personal Bests In ECIC Swim Loss To Quakers

Host Jamestown High School set several personal bests in dropping a 110-72 swimming meet to undefeated Orchard Park (8-0) in Division 1 of the Erie County Interscholastic Conference on Tuesday night.

Jamestown’s 200 medley relay prevailed with a personal best of 1:45.99. Andrew Caldwell, Matthew Marsh, Matthew Caldwell and Charlie Simons made up the team that set the personal best.

Allan Smith of Jamestown took the 200 freestyle with a personal best of 1:54.06.

Matthew Marsh won the 50 freestyle (22.36) and the 100 freestyle (56.17) for Jamestown.

Matthew Caldwell was second with a personal best of 2:09.66 in losing a close 200 individual medley to McArdle, who won with a 2:09;31.

Chris Bradshaw and Wosue Rodriguez both from Jamestown set personal bests in diving competition won by Torres of Orchard Park with a 279.20 points.

Smith also set a personal best with a 5:05 in finishing second in the 500 freestyle, which was won by Hoover with a 5:04.57.

Jamestown (4-3) is next in action at 5 p.m., Friday against invading Lake Shore in ECIC action.

200 medley relay: Jamestown (Andrew Caldwell, Matthew Marsh, Matt Caldwell, Charlie Simons), Orchard Park, Orchard Park. T – 1:45.99.

200 freestyle: Allan Smith (J), Hoover (OP), McLaughlin (OP). T – 1:54.06.

200 individual medley: McArdle (OP), M. Caldwell (J), Myers (OP). T – 2:09.31.

50 freestyle: Marsh (J), Manley (OP), Healy (OP). T – 22:36.

Diving: Torres (OP), Chris Bradshaw (J), Wosue Rodriguez (J). Pts. – 279.20.

100 butterfly: Manley (OP), Darren (OP), Blake (OP). T – 56.17.

100 freestyle: M. Marsh (J), Healy (OP), McArdle (OP). T – 56.17.

500 freestyle: Hoover (OP), Smith (J), Darrin (OP). T – 5:04.57.

200 freestyle relay: Orchard Park, Jamestown, Orchard Park. T – 1:32.56.

100 backstroke: Biggane (OP), A. Caldwell (J), McLaughlin (OP). T – 58.33.

100 breaststroke: Maloney (OP), M. Caldwell (J), Wardner (OP). T – 1:07.79.

400 freestyle relay: Orchard Park, Jamestown, Orchard Park. T – 3:41.06.



PANAMA – Parker Roberts won two individual events, but Panama lost to Olean, 100-85.

Roberts won the 200 freestyle (2:06.55) and 500 freestyle (5:53:01) for the Panthers.

Mike Yuchnitz took the 50 freestyle (24:35) and Ray Fortney the diving (203.15 points) for the other Panama wins.

200 medley relay: Olean (Geoffrey Broadbent, Ryan Brown, David Carls, Trevor Hulse), Olean, Panana. T – 1:54.36.

200 freestyle: Parker Roberts (P), Tyler Kuschel (P), T. J. Magro (O). T – 2:06.55.

200 individual medley: Brown (O), Carls (O), Andrew Akin (P). T – 2:22.12.

50 freestyle: Mike Yuchnitz (P), Josh McGraw (O), Clayton Manwaring (P). T – 24.35.

Diving: Ray Fortney (P), Matt Merchant (P), Logan Cross (O). Pts. – 203.15.

100 butterfly: Broadbent (O), Carls (O), Brendan Cross (O). T – 57.06.

100 freestyle: Brady Stein (O), Manwaring (P), Yuchnitz (P). T – 54.18,

500 freestyle: Roberts (P), Magro (O), Akin (P). T – 5:53.01.

200 freestyle relay: Olean (McGraw, Broadbent, Brown, Stein), Panama, Panama. T – 1:37.15.

100 backstroke: Magro (O), Ethan Wood (P), Steven Akin (P). T – 1:09.37.

100 breaststroke: Stein (O), Patrick Yuchnitz (P), Brown (O). T – 1:11.85.

400 freestyle relay: Olean (McGraw, Magro, Carls, Broadbent), Panama, Panama. T – 3:48.24.