Great News For Our Community

To The Reader’s Forum:

A couple weeks ago, Dunkirk hosted a “PowerUpWNY Rally” in an effort to keep the NRG facility open to the benefit of the community.

Hundreds of people rely on NRG jobs and income and recently, there was a serious possibility the entire plant would be shut down. Many local leaders came out to voice their support for the plant and encourage the Public Service Commission and NRG to improve the electric system and repower and expand the plant. A facility like this keeps communities thriving, and with the recent agreement that was reached last week, the new system will repower, improve our electric reliability, bring lower costs and almost double the available jobs.

This is great news for our community that was in danger of losing the entire operation and the many jobs that went with it. A big thank you to Congressman Tom Reed, State Senator Catharine Young, Assemblyman Andrew Goodell and all of the local officials that came out to support this cause. Western New York is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. We need a strong economy to care for this area and it’s people.

Dr. Paul K. Carlson