Dunkirk Bowlers Sweep Falconer

DUNKIRK – Brandon Haase cracked a 256-243-662 to lift the Dunkirk Marauders to a 4-0 sweep of the Falconer Golden Falcons in Division 1 West high school bowling on Monday.

Dunkirk (15-5) rolled a 920-885-942-2,747 compared to Falconer’s (0-20) 699-619-595-1,913 at Lucky Lanes.

Dale Lombardo added a 201-226 while Peter Kubera had a 181-205 in the win. John Collins finished with a 170-181 for the Marauders.

Falconer was led by Nathan Sanders’ 203-460. Joe Linkos had a 154 and Jacob Scott rolled a 152-400 in defeat.

For the girls, Dunkirk’s (18-2) linescore read 751-748-620-2,119 while Falconer (0-20) combined for a 480-576-563-1,619.

The Lady Marauders received a 191-168-497 from Alyssa Clement. Samantha Moser added a 178-160 while Adrianna Penceck had a 178 and Hannah Schnur had a 168 in the win.

The Lady Golden Falcons were led by Lizzy Wallace’s 145 and Jessica Zdurski’s 132-132.


FREDONIA – Ricky Burgstrom tied a record score as Fredonia posted a 3-1 win at Lucky Lanes as the Hillbillies (11-9) racked up a team total of 931-967-784-2,682 while Frewsburg (9-11) shot 754-718-805-2,277 in Division 1 West action.

Burgstrom rolled a huge 288 single that tied the school mark and added a 233 for a 691 series, Jeff Rowe shot 234 and Collin Schanzlin had a 201

Caleb Terhune led the Bears with 204-498 and Justin Randall had a 175.


SILVER CREEK -The Silver Creek Black Knights took care of Chautauqua Lake.

For the boys, Silver Creek (12-8) combined for a 789-832-888-2,506 compared to Chautauqua Lake’s (0-23-1) 505-570-610-1,685 in Division 2 West action at Lakeview Lanes.

The Knights were led by Tim Manning’s 199-194-178-571 and Carl Cotroneo’s 207-192-555. Robert Paterson contributed in the win with a 183-158-153-494.

The Thunderbirds’ standout out was A.J. Utegg with a 175-157-457.

In the girls match, Silver Creek prevailed 4-0.

The Knights (10-6) rolled a 577-639-525-1,741 while Chautauqua Lake (0-20) rolled a 547-454-438-1,439.

Silver Creek’s top bowler was Jamie Hehir with a 186-158-144-488. Katie Dittiger cracked a 156-140-432 in the win and McKenna Steklasa had a 168 game in the win. Andrea Olsen had a 157 game for Silver Creek.

The Lady Thunderbirds received a 171-166-164-501 from Heather Sullivan while Alexa Anderson charted a 149 game in defeat.


FREDONIA – The Forestville Hornets stung the Brocton Bulldogs in Division 2 West action at Lucky Lanes.

Forestville’s (19-5) linescore read 863-769-819- 2,451 compared to Brocton’s (6-16) 769-720-725-2,214.

The Hornets were led by Brad Dillenburg’s 219-554. Macadam Gadewoltz added a 210 for the winners.

The Bulldogs received a 215-202-565 from Mark Nickerson while Taylor Delcamp finished with a 175-503. Anthony Miller had a 179 game in a losing effort.