Credit Where Credit Is Due

Jamestown City Council will vote on continuing a shared services program with the county later this month.

On Monday during a City Council work session meeting, Vince DeJoy, city development director, discussed the shared services program with the county for credits on tipping fees at the landfill. DeJoy said the county gives the city four credits, with each credit being worth 80 tons, at the county landfill for the dumping of debris from a dilapidated house that has been demolished.

In December 2012, the County Legislature passed a resolution pertaining to tipping fees for construction and demolition waste. The resolution provided each participating town and village with one credit for tipping fees of 80 tons of construction and demolition waste at the county landfill, which is the approximate weight for a single two-family home. Jamestown received four credits to waive tipping fees, which is about 320 tons, and Dunkirk received two. Credits that are not used by one municipality could be traded to another under the amendments as well. The credits cannot be bought or sold.

DeJoy said the city used all of its credits in 2013. He said the city saved about $25,000 to $30,000 in tipping fees through the program.

”This helps us defray the most expensive part of demolishing a house, which is the waste that goes along with it,” he said.

DeJoy said city officials are planning to demolish 25 to 30 houses in 2014.

”These next two years will be aggressive years,” he said. ‘This will be a very aggressive year to go after blighted houses.”

The Jamestown City Council will vote on the resolution during its next meeting on Monday, Jan. 27.