One Man Can Make A Difference

To The Reader’s Forum:

Robert Beckman recently passed away at age 87. He served as our County Finance Director for 15 years. As a County Legislator and later as County Attorney, I had the honor and privilege of working closely with Mr. Beckman.

He was an expert in finance, with his MBA from Harvard. His career took him from Wall Street to Saudi Arabia. It gave Mr. Beckman great joy making the best investments possible with the county’s funds on a daily basis.

When I worked with Mr. Beckman to create and carry out the county’s Tobacco Bond sale on Wall Street in 2000, it was clear the lawyers and investment bankers in Manhattan recognized him as a true and talented professional.

Mr. Beckman loved making money for the county to invest in its own future and strongly supported using some of these funds to build our county industrial parks and spec buildings, so that future generations would have economic opportunity here in Mr. Beckman’s beloved Chautauqua County.

One man can make a difference for good in a community. Robert Beckman did just that.

Thank you, Mr. Beckman.

Frederick A. Larson,