Mayor, Council Make Appointments

During the annual inauguration meeting of the Jamestown City Council on Monday, both Gregory Rabb, City Council president, and Mayor Sam Teresi made several appointments to committees, commissions and boards.

Rabb, who was re-elected council president, made appointments for City Council committees for the next two years. For Finance, Anthony J. Dolce, Ward 2, will continue to be the chairman. Rabb, At-Large, and Kimberly A. Ecklund, At-Large, will join Dolce on the committee. For Public Works, the committee will continue to be chaired by George Spitale, At-Large. He will be joined by new council members Brent Sheldon, Ward 1, and Tamara Dickey, Ward 3. The Housing Committee will be chaired by Marie Carrubba, Ward 4, with Sheldon and Paul Whitford, Ward 6, joining her. Public Safety will be chaired by Whitford, with Maria Jones, Ward 5, and Carrubba joining him. Other appointments made by Rabb included Whitford being named liaison to the Planning Commission and Dolce and himself being liaisons to the Strategic Planning and Partnership Commission.

Appointments made by Teresi included reappointments and new members to several boards, commissions and committees. The new appointments included Martha Zenns to the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities. Zenns will be replacing Dr. Len Faulk on the board. Zenns is also the chairwoman for the city’s Planning Commission. Zenns was appointed to a four-year term on the board.

Kathy Colby was appointed to the Jamestown Housing Authority. Her term will end June 30, 2018. Joseph Paladino was appointed to the Veteran’s Memorial Commission. His appointment is for three years. Regina Brackman was appointed to the Planning Commission, with her term ending in 2016. Douglas Champ was appointed to two groups – first to the Riverfront Management Council for four years and secondly to the Property, Rehabilitation and Conservation Board of Appeals for three years.

The mayor’s reappointments included Rabb, Jones, Frederick A. Larson and Wayne Rishell to the BPU board. Rabb, Jones and Rishell will serve through 2015 and Larson through 2017.

Four appointments were made to the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Commission. Ecklund and Spitale will serve for two years, and Jason Stronz and James Ventura will serve for five years.

Three appointments were made to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Ellen Ditonto will continue to serve as chairperson, with Dave Daversa and John Sixbey also being reappointed. All three of their terms end in 2016.

Ron Cotten was reappointed as chairman of the Veteran’s Memorial Commission, and Charles Telford will serve on the board again, as well. Both received three-year terms.

Ecklund will continue working on the Jamestown Local Development Corporation for two years and will be the liaison for the Youth Services Board of Directors. Rabb will serve on the Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency for two years. Paul Andalora will serve on the Planning Commission again for a five-year term. Harry Snellings was reappointed as the city’s police chief and director of public safety for four more years. Lory Anderson was named a temporary member of the Board of Assessment Review for one year.