Common Core Content Lost

To The Reader’s Forum:

Once again the politicians have succeeded in diverting attention from content to process.

The Common Core debate has focused on how implementation will be affected and not on what your children will be taught. The “administrators” have spoken on testing, performance graphs and charts but do you know what your children will be exposed to as the implementation moves forward? Anyone daring to question content is dismissed by non-classroom administrators saying local educators will have final approval of curriculum and our kids will have appropriate subject content. (And may I say local and national media is doing a wonderful job keeping the focus on process not content.) Do a little research and see who is driving Common Core and what middle and high school content is.

I would remind parents of another process driven diversion politicians have used to divert attention from content: “You can keep your doctor, you can keep your health care plan, the problem is with the web site (process) and a few glitches in the roll-out (process) and when the content smacks us in the face, or should I say pocketbook, the process will cease to be the focus; however, it will be too late.

Parents, don’t let administrators that have no concept of educating children divert your attention from what your children will be taught. Just how stupid do they think we are? Well, they know how stupid we are, we keep electing and appointing them!

The true question of Common Core must be WHAT is taught, not HOW.

Robert Lewis