In Years Past

In 1914, hundreds of people in Jamestown unable to obtain seats were turned away the past Tuesday at both afternoon and evening performances of Pasquali’s masterpiece, “The Last Days of Pompeii.” The management at the Winter Garden immediately made arrangements to re-book the film and it would be shown at the theater the following Monday, afternoon and evening. The picture, in eight reels, was dramatized from Lytton’s famous novel and made a most impressive spectacle.

Charles Baeder, proprietor of the Big Tree Inn at Geneseo, for many years past and one of the most capable and best known hotel men in the Genesee Valley was in Jamestown, the guest of Charles M. Dow. He had just leased the Glenn Iris House at Letchworth Park and would conduct it in connection with the Big Tree Inn. The Glenn Iris would open for guests about the first of May. Baeder was a former Jamestown boy and still had many acquaintances here. Visitors to Letchworth Park would be assured of proper accommodations during the coming summer by reason of his acceptance of the Glenn Iris House.

In 1939, because of other events which conflicted, the President’s Birthday Ball for the benefit of infantile paralysis sufferers would be held on Saturday evening, Jan. 28 at the new state armory instead of Monday evening, Jan. 30, according to announcement made by William C. Shanahan, general chairman of the affair. Fifty percent of the net proceeds of the ball would be retained for use among infantile paralysis victims in Chautauqua County while the other percent would be sent to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc. which was promoting the President’s Birthday celebrations all over the country.

Installation of equipment at the new high school athletic stadium resulted in a net deficit to the Jamestown High School athletic council of $99.48 despite the fact that gross receipts for the past football all season totaled $6,349, according to the annual report of the council treasurer, Carl L. Carlson. Expenditures totaled $6,448. The board spent $1,270 during the season for improvements to the stadium, the most expensive item being the moving, erecting and storing of bleachers at a cost of $402. A total of 16,290 persons attended the five games, 5,185 of these attending the Bradford, Pa., game which represented the largest attendance at any one game.

In 1964, Chautauqua County recorded its first traffic fatality of the new year in the death of Roselyn C. Coburn, 41, of Sherman. The accident occurred at 2:15 p.m. in the Town of Mina, on Route 430, the Findley Lake-Sherman Road. Coburn was a passenger in a car driven by her husband Gerald A. Coburn, when the auto became stuck in a snowbank. Coburn got out and walked to the rear of the car where she was struck by another car, pinning her between the two vehicles.

Grace Bumbry, widely hailed new singing star, would appear in concert at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Merton P. Corwin Auditorium at Jamestown High School under auspices of the Jamestown Concert Association. Bumbry, mezzo soprano from St. Louis, Mo., created international headlines in the summer of 1961 when she became the first Negro artist ever to appear at the revered Bayreuth Festival in Germany. She had since become a prime European favorite and in her first American tour last season she won ecstatic reviews across the country. Last June in her debut at London’s Royal Opera House, as Princess Eboli in “Don Carlo.” Bumbry won one of the greatest ovations in London history.

In 1989, work was progressing rapidly on replacement of the Sixth Street Bridge in Jamestown. Already in place were two concrete support columns. Once the new bridge was open to traffic, it should solve some of the traffic-flow problems being encountered by downtown motorists.

Recognizing the popularity of ice fishing, the Mayville Village Board intended to continue having crews plow a parking area at the village park for fishermen. However, the board might have to consider charging a parking fee to cover the cost. Another concern of the board centered on the village water supply which, during the peak summer tourist season, often ran low. Recent cleaning of one of the village wells did not improve the water supply.