I Apologize

To the Readers’ Forum:

To the Village of Lakewood World War II veterans, I apologize for not getting the job done. Your Honor Roll was to be dedicated on Veteran’s Day, Hanson Signs of Falconer cooperating in having the project completed. But Plan I to have it on the Lakewood Library property did not work out. Their board rejected you unanimously, where as they should have been honored to have your names enshrined on their property.

So then we had Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7, a natural. But now the Village Board rejected you. The original beach site was rejected, the Hawthorne Avenue site, rejected and finally, Recognition Park in downtown Lakewood, was rejected. Even though this property belonged to the village, they had to get ”permission” from the LCDA (six persons). This board developed this property with memorials to individuals who gave money to develop Chautauqua Avenue. They said it was ”too big.” Really? I would have built an honor roll 50 foot high to honor them.

The Village Board had no intention of overriding their decision. Bottom line … people who gave money – OK – but our veterans who were willing to give their lives – no deal. In all my years to community service – 50 in all – the project was emotional, a ”slam dunk” and a no brainer. Legion Post 1286, our co-sponsor, came to our rescue and will place it on their property this spring.

So, I give the Library Board, Village Board and LCDA a rousing grade of ”F.” David Lange, second commander and I, as co-chairman, thank all who supported this project by their donations. I hope those who turned those heroes down, never forget this injustice.

Am I bitter? Yes!

Anthony G. Barone

Former Lakewood Historian