Soup And Song St. Susan Center Fundraiser Set For Saturday, Jan. 18

Organizers hope soup and music spell a recipe for success at the fourth annual Soup and Song fundraiser for St. Susan Center.

The fourth helping of Soup And Song fundraiser featuring the Bill Ward Band, Amanda Barton and Infinity Visual and Performing Arts students is set for 6 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 18, at St. Susan Center.

Plus, this year’s incarnation of the program will feature two more events: Saturday, Feb. 15, and Saturday, March 15. But, the entertainment for the next two fundraisers is yet to be announced. Soups from area restaurants will be featured at each event, including the Dinner Bell in Frewsburg.

According to Jim Holler, owner of Trinity Guitars and logistical support for the event, not only has Soup And Song evolved into a larger program this year, but in the past it has served as one of the best single event fundraisers for the St. Susan Center.

“We packed the place last time, and I anticipate doing that again this time,” Holler said. “We’ve partnered with St. Susan Center since I opened on West Third Street. It’s a great organization, and Sue Colwell does a great job down there. They are helping a lot of people out in the community that are less fortunate, and here at Trinity we have a very strong social responsibility.”

Entertainment for the evening will include a performance by the Bill Ward Band, which will feature Bill Ward, Amanda Barton, Tom Swanson, Paul Liuzzo and Dave Swart. There may also be various special guests featured throughout the show as well. Ward said he is quite excited for the opportunity to perform with his band again for such a worthy cause.

“I’ve done a couple of these in a few different venues, and they’ve worked out really well,” Ward said. “The reason I love to do them is because it’s a way to channel my services into an efficient way of helping other folks. So, it’s nice when folks like Jim and Sue Colwell help to put these things together to give musicians, restaurants and everyone who participates in these things a chance to focus our energies and to see this result of feeding people who are hungry – the Great Commission tells us to do that.”

According to Ward, the fundraiser is also a great opportunity for students of Infinity, who will perform during the fundraiser for the second year. Because Barton is also an Infinity instructor, in addition to her work with the Bill Ward Band, she’ll perform on her own as a representative of Infinity.

Sue Colwell, executive director for St. Susan Center, said that creative fundraisers such as Soup And Song are the bread and butter of being able to offer services to the community year-round.

“We continue to do fundraising, and invite others to do them for us because it helps us a lot when people come up with creative ideas,” Colwell said. “We love the Soup and Song event because it’s unique, and is a great opportunity for area residents. I had not heard the Infinity students until last year’s Soup and Song, and they were just phenomenal. They have some fantastic musicians, so I fell in love with their music and program. Plus, having Bill and Amanda here again to support us is like a homecoming. Those who come will find a warm place with great music and soups from local restaurants.”

Tickets to the event are $10, and include three soup tickets, a beverage ticket and cake or cookies.The event will be held at St. Susan Center’s facility at the Gateway Center, 31 Water St. in Jamestown. For more information, search for “Soup And Song for St. Susan’s” on Facebook.