Mayor Teresi Agrees With Cuomo’s Agenda Proposals

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi called Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address Wednesday entertaining and inspiring.

Cuomo addressed several issues including taxes, economic development and the future of education in New York state.

Furthermore, he suggested tax cuts for manufacturers and incentives for teachers along with investing $2 billion in technology for schools statewide.

Teresi strongly agreed with solutions for two of the issues broached Wednesday.

“Cuomo has started the process and made good efforts, as far as the topics he discussed,” Teresi said.

Cuomo suggested consolidation of local governments, adding there are too many in the state, approximately 10,500.

“That (suggestion) was spot on. We need to start incentivizing collaborations and consolidations,” Teresi said. “I was pleased to hear him take that issue on.”

Cuomo said reduction of the local governments would lower property taxes and the proliferation of government, which he added is exceedingly expensive and costly.

The governor also said New York has been aggressive in trying to alleviate local costs, but has assumed more costs than the state has ever seen with aging localities and $1.2 billion in Medicaid growth.

Still, Teresi said there is only so much that can be done at the local level.

“It will require action by the state knocking down barriers so we can consolidate,” he said. “In many instances, we can’t do it without the state providing authorization.”

Of Cuomo’s ideas on education, which he said he wants to be “the best in the world,” Teresi was very pleased.

“There’s a great disparity in education,” he said, adding that he wants to see educational programs improve on all levels, from prekindergarten all the way through college. “They’re different at all levels and I think the government gets that.”

Teresi also said education is the key to everything from mitigating social problems all the way to stimulating job creation.

“I was pleased to see the governor make education an item on his agenda. As we continue to improve education, it’ll drive jobs and economic activity,” Teresi concluded.