Water Restored In Busti; BPU Replacing Valve On Washington Street

BUSTI- Some residents of Lakewood and the Cottage Park area in Busti experienced discolored water throughout Wednesday due to a water main break in the area.

A valve must be repaired there Thursday, but the 11 water customers who had their water turned off due to the break are now back in service.

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities workers were working to replace a valve in a water line on Washington Street on Wednesday afternoon. When the valve is installed and water is placed back in service, discolored water may be expected on the north and east sides of Jamestown, and possibly into Falconer. Customers are advised not to do laundry until they are certain their water is clear and not discolored.

Customers can spot water main breaks when water gushes up into the air or runs down the street. Sometimes a small area of melted snow in the yard or road also designates a water main break.

Water main breaks can take a couple to 24 hours to fix, and once repairs are made, customers in the area will see discolored water coming from their faucets. This can last for 12-24 hours, but the water is safe, according to the BPU.

If a customer notices a water main break, the BPU asks them to report it. During the day, call BPU customer service at 661-1660 or their 24-hour, any day, trouble line at 661-1640.