Please Help Me Learn About Your State

To The Reader’s Forum:

I picked New York for my 5th grade state report because your state is historical, factual, and amazing. I also chose your state because of your famous places like the statue of liberty and the 911 memorial. Your state has lovely flowers and trees. One day I wish I could come to New York. You are so lucky to live there.

For my report, I’d like to get some things to help me complete this report. Might you be able to send me cups, t-shirts, newspapers, pictures, and a miniature state flag? It would also be nice to get maps, brochures, licenses plate, key chain, candy old food cans, water bottle, hats, cards, pieces of historical nature, sports memorabilia. Can you please put my letter in your paper? I am hoping your readers would like to help me out. A book of one of your most famous authors and anything that represents the different cultures of New York would be very nice.

Whatever else that you would think I may find helpful for my project would be a bonus. I am really working hard at get an A++ on this report. Your support will be much appreciated. Anything that you would think would be beyond what I’ve suggested would be great. Than you in advance for your help. Please send the items to my school address.


Krystal W., Mrs. Talbert’s Class

Conway School

19710 State Route 534

Mount Vernon, WA 98274