Shults Auto Group Adult Hockey League


Bryan Muecke led the way with four goals and an assist as Pizza Express edged Hatrick Swayze, 9-7, in Week 15 .

Jake Andriaccio added two goals with an assist, Garret Jones had a goal with three assists, Rick Turner and Travis Sanders each produced a goal and an assist and Joe Smith and Jason Mayback each had one assist.

For the Hatrick team, Levi Madden drilled four goals, Tank Spitz had two goals with an assist, Tom Mazzurco connected for a goal and two assists, Jonathan Alm added four assists and Nathan Meelan had an assist.

Brysten Jones exploded for six goals and Greg Pond added a solo tally as Schuyler’s Blue Bombers cruised to a 7-2 win over Jamestown Skate Products.

Tom McFall and Randy Stuart each had one assist for the winners.

For Jamestown Skate Products, Dan Cheney and Adam Hover both netted a goal and John Pinciaro, Mike Brown and Pete Scheira all had an assist.

It was an offensive battle as El Greco edged Monnies, 12-11, with Craig Hinderleider drilling four goals and an assist, followed by John Melcher and Eric Martin with a pair of goals and two assists each, Dan Brunenvas has a goal with four assists, Ryan Arnone came through with a goal and three assists, Kevin Harvey had a goal with two assists, Craig Felton added two assists and Dimitri Theofilactidis had one assist.

For Monnies, Mike Nelson shined with five goals and two assists, Larry Dupere had two goals and four assists, Dylan Gethicker produced two goals and three assists, Brian Wojcinski had a goal and two assists and Ray Deland had an assist.


Steener’s Pub and Superior Tire/Northwest Savings Bank battled to a 5-5 tie.

For Steener’s, Mike Smith scored twice, Justin Murrey had a goal and two assists, Derek Watkins and Tom Cocker both had a goal and Greg Wozneak contributed an assist.

Wes Kaminski led Superior Tire/Northwest Savings Bank with the hat trick and an assist, Jon Zigler and Nate Mahaffey both had one goal and Matt Wilkins, Ben Farnham and Jon Kaminski each had one assist.

Lakewood Apothecary outlasted Andriaccio’s, 5-3, as Jeff Kresge scored twice and had two assists, Greg Moore and Mike Brown each added a goal and an assist, Tom Siderits contributed a goal, Rhoe Henderson had a pair of assists and Matt Finnerty and Chris Yost both had an assist.

For Andriaccio’s, Andy Pope, Jim Krause and Ryan Arnone were the goal scorers and Chuck Holder, Mike Ginestre and Jason Maybach all had two assist.

Southside Redemption and the Warren Eardocs played to a 3-3 tie.

For Southside, Ben Sample and David Levandowski each scored a goal with one assist, Ryan Melquist also added a solo goal, Shane Swan had two assists and Jason Coleson one assist.

George Ciancio netted two goals and Patrick Allen had one assist for the Eardocs.

Matt Barle produced two goals with an assist and Dave Mabee had one goal as Team Kolstee rolled to a 7-4 victory over Hiller Tire Service.

Also for the winners, Glen Giles had a goal and an assist, Kurt Lund netted one goal, Matt Spillane collected four assists, Gregg Kolstee had two assists and Matt Rupp one assist.

For Hiller, Nino Calameri and Randy Daugharty each scored a goal with one assist, Marty Willow and Braiden Streed each drilled solo goals and Ernest Lawson and Tom Hemdal both had one assist.



Colin Abbott had the hat trick as Jamestown Skate Products cruised to a 7-2 victory over Hatrick Swayze.

Adam Sadowski added a pair of goals with an assist and Dan Cheney and Pete Scheira both came through with solo goals.

Levi Madden had a goal with one assist while Stefan Alm found the net and Jason Consiglio had one assists for the Hatrick team.

John Melcher produced a hat trick with two assists as El Greco downed Schuyer’s Blue Bombers, 6-3.

Zach Narusewicz added a pair of goals, Craig Hinderleider also scored one goal, Ryan Arnone led in assists with three, Dan Brunenvas had two assists and Brad Barmore and Eric Martin each had one assist.

Alex Faulk topped the Blue Bombers with two goals and one assist, Mike Hurley scored a solo goal and Jesse Watkins had one assist.

Mike Nelson was on fire, drilling seven goals while adding two assists as Monnies held off Pizza Express, 13-11.

Also for the winners, Brian Wojcinski connected for the hat trick and also collected four assists, Dylan Gethicker tallied a goal with three assist, Travis Nowicki and Larry Dupere each had one goal with an assist and John Dupere and Mike Milligan each had one assist.

Garret Jones shined for Pizza Express with four goals and three assists, Travis Sanders had two goals with two assists, Jake Andriaccio had a goal with two assists, Bud Tomassi, Jason Maybach and Rick Turner all added single goals, Bryan Muecke had two assists and Ian Kelly one assist.


Wes Kaminski came up with the hat trick in leading Superior Tire/Northwest Savings Bank to a 9-6 win over Team Kolstee.

Ben Farnham added a pair of goals with two assists, Jon Zigler had a goal with two assists, Mike Johnson had one goal and one assist and Jeremy Johnson and Trevor Wilkins both netted solo goals.

Matt Rupp scored three times for the hat trick to top Team Kolstee, Dave Mabee added two goals, Matt Barie knocked in one goal, Glen Giles had three assists and Gregg Kolstee two assist.

Jason Mank delivered three goals for the hat trick and had two assists as the Warren Eardocs rolled to a 9-1 win over Steener’s Pub.

Tim Whitacre added two goals, John Jablonski had a goal with two assists, Rob Bates added a goal and one assist, George Ciancio and Chris Derkovich both scored a goal apiece, Eric Carlson had two assists and Wolf-Dieter Krahn produced one assist.

Jim Cirbus scored a goal and Eric Greene and Tom Cocker had assists for Steener’s Pub.

Dennis Lefler connected for two goals as Andriaccio’s defeated Hiller Tire Service, 5-3.

Chuck Holder, Mike Ginestre and Al McAvoy all added solo goals, Jim Krause contributed three assists, Al Maybach had two assists and Andy Pope, Jason Maybach and Ryan Arnone all had one assist in the win.

For Hiller’s, Randy Daugharty led with a goal and an assist, Todd Eklund and Jesse Gould scored one goal apiece while Nino Calameri and Braiden Streed both had one assist.

Three players had two goals each as Southside Redemption routed Lakewood Apothecary, 8-3.

David Levandowski scored twice and had two assists, Jim Manno added two goals and one assist, Shane Swan delivered two goals, Eric Herman had a goal with two assists, Ben Sample contributed a solo goal while Jason Coleson had two assists and Ryan Melquist one assist.

Mike Brown scored one goal with an assist, Jeff Kresge and Chris Yost both added one goal and Tom Siderits and Rhoe Henderson each had an assist for Lakewood Apothecary.



Dylan Gethicker and Mike Nelson each came through with the hat trick as Monnies downed Schuyler’s Blue Bombers, 9-3.

Travis Nowicki also drilled two goals and had two assists, Larry Dupere added a goal with two assists, Brian Wojcinski led in assists with four, Ray Deland had two assists and John Dupere one assist.

For the Blue Bombers, Pat Hurley netted two goals, Brysten Jones had one goal with an assist and Zach Imus made one assist.

Garret Jones had a pair of goals with an assist to pace Pizza Express past Jamestown Skate Products, 6-3.

Al Maybach, Travis Sanders, Bryan Muerckke and Jake Andriaccio all added one goal, Ian Kelly had three assists and Bud Tomassi, Jesse Gould and Jason Maybach each had one assist in the win.

Doug Weaver led Jamestown Skate Products with two goals, John Pinciaro had one goal and Dan Cheney, Ron Rothleider, Adam Sadowski and Adam Hover all had one assist.

Ryan Arnone scored twice with three assists as El Greco topped Hatrick Swayze, 9-5, with John Melcher coming up with a pair of goals and two assists, Craig Hinderleider added two goals and an assist, Zach Narusewicz produced two goals, Kevin Harvey drilled a goal with an assist and Brad Barmore had one assist.

For the Hatrick team, Levi Madden led in scoring with two goals, Dave Foti and Nick Madden both has a goal and an assist, Nathan Meelan connected for a goal and Matt Spunaugle, Steve Frangione, Jason Consiglio, Stefan Alm, Tank Spitz and Tom Mazzurco all had one assist.


Jeff Anderson’s hat trick helped lead Steener’s Pub to a 8-2 win over Team Kolstee.

Eric Green and Justin Murray added two goals apiece, Pete Walter had a goal with two assists, Mike Smith added a solo goal while Tom Cocker had two assists and Derek Watkins one assist for Steener’s.

Glen Giles and Matt Rupp scored for Team Kolstee and Giles, Gregg Kolstee and Matt Rupp produced one assist each.

Southside Redemption shut out Superior Tire/Northwest Savings Bank, 5-0, with Ryan Melquist scoring twice, Jim Manno and Eric Herman both had a goal and an assist, David Levendowski also scored and Jason Coleson and Brock Wadsworth earned assists.

Ryan Arnone scored twice and added an assist as Andriaccio’s got by the Warren Eardocs, 6-4.

Jim Krause and Bud Tomassi each scored a goal with one assist, Andy Pope and Mike Ginestre both netted solo goals while Al Maybach and Jason Maybach had one assist apiece.

For the Eardocs, Jason Mank delivered a goal and an assist, Erik Carlson, John Jablonski and Craig Hinderleider all had one goal and George Ciancio added an assist.

Lakewood Apothecary and Hiller Tire Service battled to a 2-2 tie.

Jeff Kresge and Greg Whitermore scored one goal each and Greg Moore and Matt Finnerty had assists for Lakewood Apothecary.

Dan Blixt and Ken Daugharty were the goal scorers for Hiller’s and Todd Eklund, Al Macovoy and Jesse Gould each had an assist.