Cassadaga Continues Water Talks

CASSADAGA – There was more talk of the water project at the recent Cassadaga Village Board meeting.

Trustee Greg McCorkhill said he is moving forward with the well and he spoke with the Chautauqua County Health Department.

“I have gone through all the forms and records to make sure this well goes into service,” McCorkhill said.

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said she would feel more comfortable if they waited for Tom Fetter, superintendent of Public Works.

“This is his project,” Lazarony said. “It wouldn’t be fair to go through with it without him.”

The board discussed selling water to the village of Fredonia for an emergency backup.

“We have tons of possibilities to work with,” Lazarony said. “If we have water to sell I think we should sell it.”

McCorkhill agreed with Lazarony saying a study would need to be conducted before they could sell the water. “We can offer them a storage for back-up water supply,” he said.

“Communication is key for this water project,” Lazarony said.

Trustee Mike Lehnen said he appreciates what everyone did for the Santa Parade.

“I had one little girl who asked if she could sit in the fire truck,” Lehnen said. “It was a great success this year.”

“The village, fire department and library all worked together,” Lehnen said. “That is what small towns are all about.”

The board will not have its first meeting of the month in January, and will meet instead on the third Wednesday of the month only.

After the meeting the board enjoyed a small Christmas Party and talked with village Historian John Sipos and his wife Susan Sipos about the village history.

After looking through old board minutes books and talking nostalgically about her grandfather; Lazarony said Merry Christmas to everyone and wished them a Happy New Year.