Changes For Disabled A National Issue

To The Reader’s Forum:

This is in regards to the “Changing the Resources” article December 17.

I say kudos to the newspaper finally deciding to run a story about it, something I had made a mention of a few months ago. I don’t think the article did any real justice however – this isn’t “just” a state issue at all. This is a national problem – a young man I know in Michigan who has cerebral palsy could be affected by this change. The parenting groups back then were right, there weren’t much of anything for disabled people to do but sit and wait for something to happen. And now, many of those parenting groups have changed their tune in saying their children/relatives aren’t given enough opportunities to achieve employment success in the community, because they feel many of the jobs offered are degrading.

I feel many jobs offered in the community are degrading. Fast food, retail to name a few. We can do better. But what they don’t or won’t see is that many people cannot work full-time jobs, and these work center jobs are catered to them. They are a second family to them. TRC is not telling me or asking me to write this, I am writing this for those who ordinarily wouldn’t have a job to go to on a daily basis, we need the backing of the community.

Thank you!

Russell Fowler