Public Should Know Where Taxes Go

To The Reader’s Forum:

People are always on the bandwagon in favor of lower taxes, and politicians promise lower taxes in order to please the people who are voting for them. Although it is hard to pay our taxes, they are necessary to fund programs that are essential in our society. We should be happy to pay taxes when they promote services that keep our communities going.

However, we should be sure that taxes cover programs in an efficient manner. The money needs to be monitored carefully in order to fund worthy and honest agencies. Too many times, the money covers large administrative costs and gyps the poor people who should get more help from the government. Because much of it is mismanaged, some worthy agencies are forced to turn their time to fundraising. One is overwhelmed by the number of requests for donations that come in the mail or over the phone. I know some agencies who should be serving their consumers more than they do because so much time is taken trying to raise money.

The public does not always know which agencies are honest and truly serving their clients. If taxes could be raised a little, and the money could be assigned by experienced experts, perhaps this would make a more efficient system with less waste. Then these hundreds of needy places would not have to spend money to ask us for money and could turn their time and energy to actually work with their clients and provide better services.

Patricia E. Moniot