Common Core: A Foreordained Tragedy

To The Reader’s Forum:

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Perhaps that concept is too abstruse for today’s bureaucratic pedagogues whose thinly-veiled objective is to inculcate progressive ideology upon naive, pliable minds.

I taught over 4,000 students through 30 years in secondary English. Experience taught me that no wild-eyed “educational program” will reach a child who leaves his dwelling unmotivated. Why do immigrant Asian children outstrip our home-grown academically? They’re hungry! In two or three generations, their progeny will become as insouciant as our own contemporary youth who, the government has guaranteed, do not have to work to prosper.

“Common Core,” like Obamacare, would be amusing were its eventual product not a foreordained tragedy. Its intent is to render the next middle class mindless, obedient robots for the self-styled elite. I’m truly sorry that addiction to government control has beset our beautiful Constitutional Republic, but it certainly seems that abstinence from that narcotic has ceased to be an option.

Griff Smith