Local Success Story

RANDOLPH – With more awareness on the dangers of chemically based products found everyday in household items, consumers have begun to take a proactive approach to what they have in their homes. Radiantly You makes a healthier lifestyle a choice for more people.

“A lot of families have found it is very expensive to switch over to organic living,” said Melissa Brown, founder of Radiantly You. “Hundreds of my clients said they wanted to live a healthier life, but were unable to because substituting their shopping cart with a healthier shopping cart was four or five times as much money. So, that’s really a big part of the mission of the company is to keep our prices affordable … so there is no price increase for your family.”

Radiantly You started in 2011 when Brown became pregnant with her son, Noah.

“I was realizing more and more about the chemicals in the foods that we eat,” Brown said. “But I also realized that not a lot of people were talking about the chemicals in the products that we use. So, it became kind of my mission to start making products that are chemically and toxic free.”

Originally hailing from Binghamton, Brown went to SUNY Fredonia for music. She ended up staying in the area and meeting her husband, Nick. After staying in the Western New York area for 10 years, she moved back to Binghamton to be closer to her parents. In 2011, Brown enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, becoming a certified holistic health coach. As the business grew, she moved back to Randolph two months ago to allow it to grow and be closer to the family here.

Radiantly You sells a complete line of products from cleaning, health, baby and beauty.

Brown used her education as a holistic health coach to do a lot of research in finding different products that were either on the market or in her home which were toxic.

“I found healthier alternatives I could make through trial and error,” she said. “I also wanted them to be effective. It took about a good year, year and a half, of product solving to get to the formulation that we have now.”

Last year, Radiantly You was a retailer at Etsy, selling their products not only through the website but different craft shows. This was when Brown realized how fast her company was growing.

“It grew from there, and I started my own website, becoming an Internet retailer,” she said. “And we are doing very well as my own Internet retailer. So much so that we started to get offers from different stores to distribute our products.”

Brown considered going through the distribution route, but felt the product would lose the quality being on store shelves didn’t provide.

“That is educating and empowering the people buying your products, so you can teach them,” she said. “And that’s a huge focus of the company.”

Currently, Radiantly You has independent consultants stretching across the country. Brown is currently working with the county and the state to build a production facility from the ground up in Randolph.

“We are choosing Randolph for our production because it is a great town,” she said. “Obviously when we chose it with the sales figures we project, we are going to be bringing a lot of jobs to the area in the terms of production and shipping. We handle all of that in-house – we don’t outsource any of that.”

Radiantly You currently seeks production and shipping agents, as well as independent consultants. More information on its products and how to join can be found at its website at www.radiantlyyou.com.