Hoyer Is Clueless About Business

To The Reader’s Forum:

After reading Chautauqua County Legislator Timothy Hoyer’s article I have to respond.

How did this person get elected? I’ve rarely seen anyone so oblivious to economics above the age of 16!

Business in New York state is overtaxed, over-regulated and micro-managed like no other (except California) in the country, complying with OSHA, Workman’s Compensation Disability, sales tax, EPA, DEC, New York state tax, federal tax, city codes, Health Department codes, liability insurance, business insurance, payroll, new tax laws, regulations – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Business runs this economy, not the government. Business “creates” jobs, not the government. This attitude that businesses are evil only to steal money from the employees, customers and hoard all the money in a vault is what Chairman Mao and Stalin believed. Go ahead, pay the 16-year-old at a fast-food restaurant $15 per hour. Your $5 meal will jump to $10. The company will pass the cost on to the consumer. They will still profit until people refuse to pay double the price. The company will lose business and lay off more people. With less people working and more people who can’t afford $10 meals, business dies or moves somewhere else where they can make a profit.

Does Mr. Hoyer have any idea on how raising the minimum wage will affect the cost of living? Does he think business will just absorb this new cost? Why don’t we raise the minimum wage to $20, $30 or $50 per hour? People would have lots of money to buy more stuff from the stores! Stores would do better because they are selling lots more stuff! Everybody would be happy!

Please, Mr. Hoyer, take a basic course in common sense and business, then rewrite your article.

This type of liberal thinking, unfortunately, is becoming more common in today’s society. It’s dangerous, it’s fascism and it will always be damaging to any free-market society.

Bill Pearson