State Should Crack Down On Smokers

To The Readers Forum:

I recently read where a city in California wants to pass a law to ban smoking in apartment complexes, citing smoke can travel through electrical systems, ducts, venting systems, etc. Opposition on the other hand says there is no scientific fact of this.

If none, where does the heat for your apartment come from? Where does all that air go? Apparently when we close our doors we live in air tight homes or something like this, but it’s something to look into. Maybe New York should have something similar, but like many restaurants, have them sign off on a waiver, only renting the whole unit to smokers.

I myself would love to see this happen, and would like to see more happen to those who decide to smoke directly in front of doorways at local businesses (like grocers). I in no way think this is taking anyone’s rights away – if anything it should be encouraging those who smoke to buy their own homes.

I am really, truly tired of walking into someone else’s smoke because they’re too lazy to do it elsewhere.

Franklin Casnov