Police Looking Into Wire Thefts

Someone with a desperate need for a lot of wire is causing a minor headache for city public safety crews.

Jamestown Police are currently investigating several separate reports of larcenies involving the theft of wire from the Jamestown Fire Department’s box alarms throughout the city.

The subject is reportedly using a bucket truck to access the wires on the poles. They are then disconnecting and cutting the wire for theft. One report included the areas of Isabella Avenue, Clinton Street, Lafayette Street and West 10th Street, where it is estimated that about 1,000 feet of wire was removed from the poles. When the wire was cut it triggered a notification with the Jamestown Fire Department, which then sent a maintenance crew that discovered the larceny. A source advised the Jamestown Police that they saw a white bucket truck in the area all morning prior to the larceny.

Jamestown Police are also investigating a similar theft from the Willard Street, Barrows Street and Benedict Avenue area of the city.

Police are asking for the public’s assistance with the investigation by calling the JPD at 483-75347 or 483-TIPS. The public is asked to call if they have any information on who may be responsible or if they have observed a white bucket truck in these areas.