TEA Party Members Are Concerned Citizens

To The Reader’s Forum:

“My Grandma and Grandpa are terrorists?” Our grandchildren would get quite a chuckle if anyone said that about ys. Unless … are chocolate chip cookies considered a weapon now? That would be because there doesn’t seem to be much common sense any more.

We read, with a mixture of both anger and amusement, articles and letters slamming and demeaning the TEA Party members – some even calling us terrorists! How outrageous! We’re concerned American citizens from all walks of life – your friends, family and neighbors. A recent letter listed those the writer considered “losers” in recent elections. One of those mentioned is Colonel Allen West – an honorable American patriot. His defeat was a loss both for Florida and the entire nation. Oh wait, we are supposedly racists and he is a black man. Hmmmm, could it be that what the individual STANDS FOR is (or should be) what is relevant when voting? The government and media have done their best to annihilate representatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who took a stand against Obamacare, trying to at least delay it because it was considered to be a train wreck before it even rolled out. They have since been proven right – millions of American citizens are actually LOSING their health care. Statements that we are “against” women, the poor, the unemployed and those on Social Security are very misinformed!

The vast majority of TEA Party members are average American citizens who are fed up with political corruption and misuse of OUR (yours and mine, fellow citizen) money in all levels of government and by both parties. Some say we want to take away Social Security entirely – are you kidding me right now? Many of us ARE senior citizens or will be soon. We are actually deeply concerned about what is going to be there for future generations.

Against the poor and unemployed? We would like the poor and unemployed to be able to find jobs. Under our current mess, people are better off on welfare. That is nuts! Also, we are losing our freedoms that were fought for by our ancestors and our children will be working for and answering to our government and the “ruling elite” who will be in total control of every aspect of life.

Some say we don’t believe in “government” (i.e. anarchy). Actually, we believe in our Constitution and are against the bureaucratic, bloated and corrupted nightmare government has become while we’ve been trying to live our lives and not paying enough attention (that is our job as citizens.

God bless America.

Carl and Cheryl Feidler