Christ Is Essential To Christmas Season

To The Reader’s Forum:

A title to an article read “Have a Very Atheist Christmas.” That sounds like trying to make pork Jewish. How do you make Christmas atheist? You make Christmas what you want it to be, but if it can be made into whatever you want, then what can Christmas not be? It’s going that way in marriage as a federal judge just struck down the prohibition against polygamy in Utah.

A spokesman for an atheist group said, “It’s your holiday to do what you like.” To him, Christmas is a matter of taste, not objective truth. What are the implications of that?

A book advertised as Common Core-aligned for grades 3-5 has in its title: “Son of Promise, Child of Hope.” I immediately think of Christ and the hope He brought at His birth and the promises of Scripture He fulfilled, but how can a government-run school have a book for children about the hope and promise in Jesus? It can, if the title of the book is “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope.”

For the first time in our nation’s history, deceived people in the media, pop culture and the public eye have foolishly given messianic status to this president. Barbara Walters recently expressed the disappointment of disillusioned individuals who thought Barack Obama was their Messiah. Take Jamie Foxx, as another example, who blasphemously called Barack Obama, “Our Lord and Savior.”

An atheist billboard campaign reads, “Who needs Christ in Christmas? Nobody” They’re right, if you have never sinned, never experienced guilt, emptiness, and heartache and have all the answers to the “why” questions in life about death, suffering and evil. Is there anybody out there under that category? If you are not perfect, you need the unspotted Lamb of God. If you have sinned, you need a Savior. If you are in the dark, you need the Light of the World. You need the Christ of Christmas.

Christmas is an absolute. God came to a real place (Bethlehem) in real time (during the reign of Caesar Augustus) as a real person (Jesus Christ) with a mission of redemption to real people (including us). To take Christ out of Christmas torpedoes the history, objectivity and relevancy of the season. It would be like removing sports from ESPN but still calling it a sports channel. Stand on the truth found ultimately in the person of Jesus Christ. With that said, Merry Christmas!

The Rev. Mel McGinnis