Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers To Offer Respite Care Services

Chautauqua Adult Day Care now offers respite care services in addition to their senior day programs in Chautauqua County. Respite care provides a break for a caregiver and can lead to a general improvement in quality of life for the person being cared for and the caregiver.

The Chautauqua Adult Day Respite Program is available at their Jamestown, Dunkirk and Westfield locations. Services are provided Monday through Friday and can be as little as one hour or a full day. The Respite Care Program at Chautauqua Adult Day Care provides a needed break for caregivers that allows them to run errands or relax. Not only does respite provide advantages for a caregiver but it gives a loved one a comfortable place where they will feel cared for and safe.

Karen Lucks, associate director, said, “Respite care is so important to so many people in our community. The burden of caregiving can be a heavy one to bear. A Chautauqua Adult Day Care, we recognize the importance and value of caregivers. Respite has been shown to dramatically lead to an improvement in the quality of life for the person being cared for and the caregiver. If you need an hour to run errands or a few hours to give yourself a breather, our Respite Care Program offers that flexibility of care. We are very happy to now be able to provide this service in Chautauqua County.”

To learn more about the Respite Care Program at Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers Inc. call Lucks at 665-4899, ext. 4.

Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers Inc. is a nonprofit United Way agency, which offers affordable Senior Day Programs and Respite Care Services for adults 60 years of age and older who live in the community. The agency has four sites that serve all of Chautauqua County. The programs provide socialization and offer many opportunities for older adults to participate in activities during the day.

The sites provide breakfast, snack and a noontime meal for participants. There is also a Community Recreation Program that helps persons participate in outings in the community. The sites also offer pet therapy, ceramics, music programs, arts and crafts, and more on an ongoing basis. Additionally, a Saturday program is available in Jamestown. For participants who desire financial assistance, funding is available. To learn more, visit or call the Jamestown office at 664-9759. One can also find Chautauqua Adult Day Care on Facebook.