Thanks, Bill!

To The Reader’s Forum:

Waiting for your turn at the Post Office these days can quickly turn a happy face into a frown. It seems like everyone and their brother are mailing packages to loved ones – including me.

I was not looking forward to standing in line so I decided to try a Post Office off the beaten path. I found myself at the Celeron Office and boy am I ever glad I did! The young man behind the counter, Bill, was handing out good ole customer service with a big smile and a few laughs too. He was pleasant and very polite and had a terrific sense of humor, too, something folks in the mail delivering business need a double dose of this time of year.

I had lots of packages so I visited Bill several times over this past week and each and every time he was considerate, knowledgeable and just an all-around pleasant guy to deal with. Many Thanks Bill. You made this part of my Christmas chores effortless and fun!

Nancy Meyer