Turkeys For All

One hundred area residents are receiving a free turkey just in time for Christmas thanks to a partnership between Five Star Bank and several local nonprofit organizations.

According to AG Cutrona, senior vice president and retail bank executive of Five Star Bank in Pittsford, the giveaway marks the first time the bank has been involved with the distribution of turkeys to area residents in need.

“We wanted to share our joy with the community during the holiday season, and thought this would be good opportunity for us to do that,” said Cutrona, who grew up in Silver Creek. “I’m grateful for the chance to come back to Chautauqua County and support the county that I came from. It’s been great to give back to the community, and to help out during the holidays has been super.”

Cutrona said the residents that received the 100 turkeys were preregistered through the Salvation Army. He said Five Star Bank gave the Salvation Army vouchers to distribute to individuals that were eligible to receive the turkeys.

He said the response to Five Star Bank’s inaugural turkey giveaway was overwhelmingly positive at both the company and community level.

“All the employees were thrilled about our participation, and the Salvation Army went through all 100 certificates,” Cutrona said.

For the residents that were unable to claim their turkey between the 2:30-4:30 p.m. window on Saturday, during which they were available at the bank, Cutrona said the unclaimed turkeys would be sent back to the Salvation Army where they can be claimed at a later date.