Falconer Electronics Earns SHARP Recertification

FALCONER – Falconer Electronics was recently recertified into the Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program for maintaining a safety and health program among the most effective in the nation. The recertification involved a three-way effort between the New York State Department of Labor, Falconer Electronics and Safety Compliance Inc.

Joe Budzich, NYS Department of Labor Health auditor, and Paul Songin, NYS Department of Labor safety auditor, completed the recertification. Falconer Electronics achieved its initial certification into the program in 2002 and has maintained the certification since. In addition to recognizing the company for having a highly effective program, acceptance into the SHARP also grants an exemption from routine OSHA inspection that can be renewed annually.

Falconer Electronics was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1989 at which time it employed 10 people. The company manufactures circuit boards and electro-mechanical assemblies at a 30,000-square-foot facility at 421 W. Everett St. in Falconer. The company’s first assembly project was with AT&T and involved the development and production of security and temperature control for telecommunications cabinets. Falconer Electronics works for a number of well-known manufacturers and customers, often as a private label source for various components and complete assemblies. Additionally, the company serves the automotive industry, having worked in partnership with a customer prototyping and then producing the first LED lighting assemblies for heavy duty automotive applications.

Since 2003 the company has increased employment from 45 employees to an average of 85 employees.

“We are very happy and proud of our personnel. Over the past six years while participating in the SHARP we have had zero days away from work due to injury. We would like to thank Paul Songin and Joe Budzich from the NYS DOL and Rick Shields and Tim Songin from Safety Compliance for their efforts and support maintaining our certification,” said Roger E. Hall, Falconer Electronics founder and president.

Tim Songin, Safety Compliance account manager, credited a commitment to safety and a cooperative effort from management and employees as a key component to maintaining the certification: “The ability to constantly improve an already safe work environment is clearly evident at Falconer Electronics. It is a pleasure to be a part of their team,” said Songin, who co-chairs the committee.

The Falconer Electronics safety committee, composed of both line and management personnel, meets on a monthly basis and oversees the company’s written safety policies, annual employee training sessions, and facility safety inspections. An action plan is drafted at the end of each year outlining the company’s monthly goals for the upcoming year. “Falconer Electronics’ safety record and recertification achievements are credited to the cooperation of management, committee members and shop personnel all working together to ensure a safe and secure working environment,” said Kurt Sturzenbecker, the company’s plant manager who also co-chairs the committee.

The company has maintained an accident rate less than half its industry average over the past eight years and has not had a days-away-from-work accident since 2005. “I am very proud that Falconer Electronics has once again been recertified into the SHARP. This is the result of all parties involved maintaining a high standard of safety in our work environment and a true team effort,” said Gary Baumann, Falconer Electronics safety manager.

The company’s certification runs through 2015 at which time it will be up for renewal.