Lakewood Village Treasurer’s Art On Display

LAKEWOOD – Hand-painted and handmade Christmas decorations by Andrea Windoft, Lakewood village treasurer, stand enclosed in a display case in the Anthony C. Caprino Municipal Building foyer in Lakewood.

“The plaster cast Santa figurines were cast from vintage Santa chocolate molds,” Windoft explained. “And then I’ve painted each in detail. … They give you all the details and suggestions on how to paint them. They really aren’t a paint by number, but it’s a very similar process. You paint them, and you glaze them, and you set them there to look at.”

She said most of the work was done when her boys were young, the process of painting the figurines taking a couple of days from what she remembered since she last did them years ago.

Her favorite piece of the collection is a Santa with his bag surrounded by animals, to whom he is giving presents.

In addition, Windoft has plenty of homemade ornaments over the years.

“I was lucky to be a stay-at-home mom prior to the boys starting school,” she said. “So, we were always busy picking driftwood from Lake Erie, or acorns from the front yard. We have made all our own Christmas tree ornaments over the years from homemade playdough or tiny cross stitched items, each dated, hoping to make memories.”

The display unit has been up for the last couple of years, and displays different collections of people from Lakewood on a monthly basis. Anyone who wishes to display their collection of goods or crafts may call the clerk’s office or Tony Barone, village historian, at 763-8557.