Elardo Rolls 776 Series At JBC

Jim Elardo has tossed a number of big sets in his career and he certainly had to be pleased with his latest outing as the veteran right-hander blasted a big 264-255-257-776 to lead the action in the Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Christy Conti fired a 243-237-234-714 for the Penny Saver in the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC.

Meanwhile at State Lanes, Steve Armstrong hit a 279-703 for Falconer Vac Shoppe in the Falconer Businessmen’s League.

Howie McIntyre Jr. belted out a 236-249-694 for Wadsworth Construction, Ryan Beaver a 231-246-678 for Dunn Tire and Josh Volk a 225-227-675 for Midnite Towing in the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC.

Jeremy Crist uncorked a 242-225-678 in the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl.

Also at JBC, Bob Howe scored a 224-217-630 and Howie McIntyre Sr. posted a 233-212-592 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Donna Risner rolled a 554 in the Monday Striking Seniors League at State Lanes.

Bill Thompson scattered a 280, Rod Swanson and Dave Fiorella 257s, Nate Lester a 255 and Paul Burdic a 253 at JBC.

Senior bowler Ann Knepshield had a 233 single at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Tuesday Coffee Bowl -Don Hilyer 537, Don Chambers 202-525, Dave Woodfield Sr. 518, Al Conklin 517, Mike Cappa 501, Sharon Dowd 438, Barb Conklin 416.

Moon Brook Ladies League – Ann Knepshield 548.

Miles Machine Men’s League – Nate Lester 231-674, Rod Swanson 644, Mike Page 239-634, Terry Parson 234-603, Barry Gustafson 238-592, Jeff Ellis 585.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Classy League – Lori Lassen 525, Andrea Mott 517, Jenn Johnson 500, Karen Eckman 499, Sharon Zdunski 489, Anne Frankson 480.

Monday Seniors League – Judy Parsons 450, Ed Petransky 438, Mary Love 422, Naomi Allen 421, Josie Fonti 418, Betty Puleo 415, Grace Wakefield 400, Bob Gunnell 375.

Falconer Businessmen’s League – Scott Nelson 598, R. J. McClaran 221-592, Scott Heinke 585, Merle Przybelinski 577.

Fountain Bowl: Jamestown American Legion Post 149 League – Renee Davis 550, Rita Anderson 530, Jacque Cole 521, Sandy Haines 509, Jennifer Arnold 488, Linda Conti 440, Ann Knepshield 477.

Farr’s Allstate League – Bill Farr 242-662, Sean Peters 246-652, Michael Koresko 247-646, Mark Sanden 235-635, Mike Barton 246-602, Terry Sanden 599, Matt DeLong 236-596, Dick Franzen 583, Ron Brown 579.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Pat Bemis 238-661, Tylor Griswold 583.

Tuesday A. M. Seniors League – Denny Brumagin 244-569, Lyle Gifford 203-553.

Boozers League – Chuck Stansbury 589.