I’d Take Paladino Any Day

To The Reader’s Forum:

“These taxes are really getting to me,” said Sam S. to his friend Paul Revere. “King George is bleeding us dry. He even wants to put a tax on our tea!”

“Yeah, I hear you, Sam. The wife is complaining that no one will be able to buy my silver cups and bowls if the king keeps taxing us to death,” said Revere with downturned mouth. Spitting tobacco, he continued, “You know, Sam, there’s talk about taking some action to stop this king in this tracks.”

“Really, Paul? I sure would like to see that happen.” Sam S. rubbed his hands together in glee. “What’s the plan?”

“Well, meet Sam Adams and me at the harbor tomorrow night. A bunch of guys from Boston will be there. Oh, and wear something that makes you look like an Indian,” Revere whispered. “We plan on throwing all those tea crates overboard into the harbor. Good ole George will wet his pants, he’ll be so mad!” Revere chuckled heartily.

“Oh, I don’t know, Revere. That sounds pretty extremist to me. You know, the wife hasn’t been feeling too well, and it’s already freezing cold and only December. I guess you better count me out,” said Sam S. as he headed toward his house. “I wish you luck, though,” he shouted back at Revere, who stood with his arms akimbo.

“Talk abut spineless!” said Revere with disgust in his voice. He turned, and headed toward Sam Adams’s house.

Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and all the others fought so that you, Sam, could write lies without fear of retaliation, or even execution: “Those damn ‘extremist tea party candidates.’ What a bunch of losers! Wars on everything-women, minorities, gay rights, voting rights, the poor, middle class, the hungry, children, the uninsured, a living wage, the unemployed. Don’t these people stand for anything?”

No wars, Sam, just concerned people fighting to preserve our liberty-and yours. We stand for freedom that produces opportunity for everyone to climb the economic ladder, not dependence on government. Who would you rather have, Sharon Angle, who fought the liberty battle in Nevada, or Hypocrite Harry Reid, whose coup d’tat just stripped the Constitution of essential checks and balances? I go with Angle. Paladino or Cuomo, who passed the SAFE Act in the middle of the night, violating our second amendment rights? I’d take Paladino any day.

Deann Nelson