Illinois Thanks You, Jamestown

To The Reader’s Forum:

I would like to thank each and every person from our community who took the time out of their busy lives to bring donations to my book shop recently for the people in Washington, Ill. who were affected by the November 17th tornadoes. When I put the information on the shop Facebook and spoke with the reporter from The Post-Journal, I was hoping to fill the back end of our pickup. I was amazed at the response I received. We filled the pickup, my car and my brother’s van! I had to turn people away for the last hour before we left. I just did not have a fourth driver available.

The folks in Illinois were absolutely astounded by our community’s “generosity towards complete strangers.” I took New York state maps along and circled where we were from and included a copy of The Post-Journal’s article about my request for donations. Naturally, most had assumed that we were from New York City. This gave us easy topics to discuss while we unloaded the vehicles.

We got many hugs, blessings and thanks from everyone that we met. Many spoke about their experiences and shared that they felt lucky to be alive and able to work with the relief efforts. People had signs up offering free Thanksgiving meals, phones, rides to appointments, etc. They are truly working together through this. No one complained about having to wait their turn for a contractor or insurance estimate. We made sure to shop a bit in their town to support those businesses still able to be open. People were positive and upbeat, even apologizing for the noise and mess from roofs, windows and such being replaced.

Every single item we took was thankfully taken and exclaimed over. Please accept this letter to the editor as a reminder that people in Illinois have sent each of you thanks, well-wishes and blessings!

Carrie C. Wolfgang,

Jamestown proprietor

Novel Destination~Used Book Emporium