Vanstrom Questions Falconer DPF Project

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a series of articles highlighting major issues facing each of the 19 Chautauqua County districts and the legislators who preside over them.

Lisa Vanstrom will represent an expansive district in her first term as a Chautauqua County legislator.

“It’s all over and covers a lot of different areas,” she said. “I felt well-positioned to take on this duty.”

In the village of Falconer, Vanstrom said residents are questioning the proposed construction of a new, 24,000-square-foot Department of Public Facilities building which would sit adjacent to the department’s current facility on North Work Street.

At a meeting of the Chautauqua County Legislature’s Public Facilities Committee in Mayville last week, design plans for the building and a resolution to authorize the issuance of $4 million in bonds to pay for the cost of construction were discussed.

“It’s a very extensive project in a very residential area,” Vanstrom said. “I understand they need a new facility, but I’m not sure that it has to be such an extensive project on the back of the taxpayers.”



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Further plans and construction of the building will be discussed at tonight’s legislature meeting in Mayville at 6:30 p.m. in the Gerace Office Building.

In other matters, Vanstrom wants to see private sector opportunities grow within Chautauqua County’s economy.

“That’s what’s keeping people in their houses, allowing their children to become educated,” she said. “When you grow the private sector and bring more people in, more jobs follow.”

While she campaigned, one of the biggest concerns of her constituents was the Chautauqua County Home and its loss of thousands of dollars per day in the hands of the county.

Vanstrom said if an appropriate proposal surfaced for the potential sale of the nursing facility, she wouldn’t be opposed to its privitization.

“It’s got to be the right opportunity,” she said. “I absolutely would not agree to giving it away at a devalued rate.”

Tanglewood Manor on Fairmount Avenue is in District 15, and Vanstrom said it provides a model of how a private sector nursing home should operate.

“Tanglewood employs a lot of people. They have set a good example of how to do it right,” Vanstrom said. “I give them a lot of credit for being a good employer and a good facility for our moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas who need extra care in their golden years.”

Among other concerns in District 15, improving the condition of Chautauqua Lake and protecting vital tourism revenues with effective lake management is important to Vanstrom.

“Lake management is a great challenge and I certainly acknowledge we have made much progress over the last several years addressing this issue,” she said. “There is still much work to be done.”

Countywide, her top priorities include improving the conditions and level of support for private sector development, improving welfare to work programs, reducing the overall scope and spending of county government and supporting ways to deliver all county services efficiently and effectively.