United Way 2013 Campaign Breaks $1 Million Mark

The 2013 United Way Campaign has raised $1,039,796 so far this year, or 79 percent of the $1,315,000 goal.

With the clock ticking on this year’s campaign, officials said they will need participation from everyone and they will need it soon.

“The critical issue we’re facing right now is the number of outstanding accounts,” said Deb Kathman, campaign co-chair. “Our volunteers have been working tirelessly to follow up with companies, organizations, agencies, and individuals. We really need everyone to return their pledges as soon as they can so we can add them to our final total and push us over the top.”

Deke Kathman, co-chair, said while there are a few larger companies who haven’t reported back yet, there are many smaller ones that collectively account for a significant portion of the overall total.

“Our goal early on was to have everything in before the rush of the holidays,” Deke said. “While we realize there are many complicating factors, we are concerned with the number of accounts that are still outstanding. Currently, there are 44 companies and organizations that received campaign packets that we have not heard from. We have relied heavily on our volunteers for five months to help us reach our goal. Our desperate hope now is that these companies and organizations have heard our message and that a positive response is forthcoming – very soon.”

The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County helps support 39 programs at 18 partner agencies. Every dollar donated to the campaign stays local and is awarded to programs that meet targeted outcomes in the areas of education, income, and health.

“Having been on the receiving end of United Way funding for over 20 years while at Chautauqua Striders, I know firsthand how important every United Way campaign is,” Mrs. Kathman said.

“As we close out the 2013 campaign, I am once again reminded that the vital work of our partner agencies only happens because of our donors.”

“I’ve been inspired by the generosity our community has demonstrated over these past six months,” Deke said. “Now the success of this year’s campaign will primarily rely on a timely and substantial response by those remaining businesses and organizations. I have confidence that we will reach our goal but it will take a special commitment from our entire community to get there … a united effort.”

For more information about the United Way or the 2013 Campaign, call 483-1561, visit uwayscc.org, visit the United Way’s Facebook page by searching for United Way of Southern Chautauqua County or follow the agency on Twitter at @uwayscc.