Clymer Football Looking To Merge

CLYMER – The Clymer Central School varsity football program may become the latest addition to the growing list of combined sports teams in Chautauqua County schools.

Recently, the district’s Board of Education held a regular meeting in which the program’s future was discussed in great detail. According to the meeting agenda, the Clymer program will be forced to combine with at least one other school program because the division in which it competes, the Section 6 DD class, will become nonexistent after this school year.

“If we are going to have a football team next year, we are going to have to combine,” said Bert Lictus, superintendent.

Lictus said the board agreed to enter into discussions with Panama and Sherman, as Clymer has successfully arranged multiple shared sports agreements with the districts, including: golf, cross-country, track and JV football.

“With respect to (varsity) football, what the board has decided to do is proceed with a merged program with any school that wants to merge within the Panama/Clymer/Sherman group. So, it’s an either-or type situation. Because of low numbers last year, the JV team was combined with Sherman and they’re in that position now at the varsity level. The decision on what Panama’s stance is going to be is yet to be decided,” said Lictus, who also serves as Panama’s superintendent.

Lictus said Panama’s board will meet today, at which time a decision will likely be reached on whether an agreement between Panama and Clymer will take place.

During last week’s board meeting, the board approved a reduction to the tax levy in the amount of $474.96, the 2013-14 tax levy final report and a contract with White Builders for snow plowing and removal. The board then entered into preliminary budget discussions.

Also approved were the appointments of Kelly Hayes as an office employee and teacher aide, and Dennis Heslink as the sports timekeeper for home games.