School Mergers Make Sense

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am 93 years old and graduated from Falconer High School in 1936. My three children and several of my grandchildren also graduated from Falconer High School. I also served on the Falconer Central School board of education for 10 years. These facts should prove my devotion to my alma mater. However, please read on.

There was a statewide study done in the 1970s on consolidation of rural school districts with the aim toward cutting costs and improving curriculum but no interest was shown. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in consolidation of some of the central school districts. In many cases they have been rejected by voters. What I want to point out is that before these plans are brought to the vote of the public they have been thoroughly investigated and discussed by your local school boards. I would also point out that they would in most cases cut costs and the residents who vote against them complain the loudest about any raise in taxes.

June Gustafson