Propositions Pass

ELLERY – Community residents have spoken, and both phases of a $16.5 million capital project proposed by the Bemus Point Central School District have been approved.

After the polls were closed Thursday, results showed that Proposition One of the project was passed by a vote of 473 to 185, while Proposition Two was passed by a much less convincing margin of 348 to 305.

“As a district, we are very excited about the opportunities that this project will afford both our students and the entire community,” said Michael Mansfield, district superintendent. “With the approval of both Proposition One and Proposition Two the district is authorized to spend up to $16.5 million for work on district buildings and grounds addressing health and safety, maintenance and renovation. The district will now begin working with our architectural partner, Clark Patterson Lee, to develop detailed plans for submission to the New York State Education Department.”

Since September, district officials and representatives of Clark Patterson Lee have hosted several public hearings on the capital project proposal that will address needs in each of the district’s three buildings. The final hearing was held at the Board of Education’s most recent meeting earlier this week.

The first part of the project, referred to as “Proposition One,” is estimated to cost $8.4 million, and will address maintenance and needed upgrades at Maple Grove Jr.-Sr. High School, Bemus Point Elementary and the bus garage.

The second part of the project – Proposition Two – will only involve the junior-senior high school and elementary school buildings, and was contingent upon approval of Proposition One. It is estimated to cost $8 million, with the borrowing of the money taking place during the 2015-16 school year and the first payment budgeted for 2016-17. The 2016-17 budget then would reflect an estimated local share of $225,000, and an estimated tax levy increase of 2.86 percent, or 42 cents per $1,000 assessed value.

For information regarding the project, including a complete listing of its various items and their projected costs, visit the district website at and click the “Capital Project” tab.