Pool Leagues

In week 10 of the Jamestown thursday Night Men’s Pool League, Dash Inn prevailed over Crescent Inn I 128-101.

The Q earned a narrow win over The Swamp, 123-122, and Crescent Inn II finished off Fifth Wheel II, 135-102.

Falconer Moose edged Crescent Inn III, 134-98; Puzzle Lounge topped UUA, 133-116; Fifth Wheel I beat Waddington’s, 133-103; Patsy’s fell to Dugans, 116-126; and The Bar bested Goodtime 126-116.

There were 14 players that finished the week with perfect 24s They were Tom Perez, Bob Woody, John Meacham, Paul Apperson, Vince Caruso, Kyle Rahr, Marc Peter, Jeff Passet, Dan Smith Sr., Dewayne Smith, Don Brooks, Pete Scheria, Bill Corly and Allen Yarbrough.