Ken Aldrich and Dave Evanzik were three-game winners in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoe League.

Aldrich posted two games of 84 points with a total of 16 ringers, and a final game with 83 points and with six ringers. Evanzik had games of 75, 80, and 81 points and 12 ringers on the night.

John Conti and Rick Burlett took two and a half games in the contest, with Conti throwing 95 points on 14 ringers, and 86 points on 12 ringers. Burlett finished with 87 on ten ringers and 86 on 11. The team pitched to a tie in their third game after Conti recorded nine ringers and Burlett eight.

Two game winners included Kurt vonKleist with 88 points on 26 rings, and 86 on 23 for an average of 23.3 per game.

Larry Piazza recorded 88 points with 14 rings and 70 with six.

Topper Westerdahl notched two ten ringer games of 84 and 85 points, he and teammate Ron Rose pitched to a third game tie.

Tim Willett was also a two game victor with scores of 85 points on five rings, and 80 on three rings. Dick Franzen recorded an 82 point game with six rings and a 70 point effort on five rings.

Other high games in the match included 91 points on 12 rings by Ken Hopkins, 82 points on eight rings by Don McCray, and Art Mitchell with 81 points on eighth rings.

Ralph Whitney also recorded 81 points on eighth rings, Jerry Vargason had 79 on eighth rings, and Steve Anderson threw 79 on six rings.