Randolph Dominates Class D Football All-Star Team

Unbeaten Randolph (13-0) took home most of the top football honors in the Class D League this fall.

Chris Doubek was named the Offensive Most Valuable Player and senior classmate Cody Oldro was selected the Defensive MVP for Randolph.

Brent Brown of Randolph completed his first year by being named Coach of the Year.

Ben Waugh of Portville was named the Sportsmanship Award winner.

Joining Doubek on the First Team Offense were Randolph teammates Michael Maycock, Michael Bowers and Bryce Morrison.

Oldro was joined on defense by Lucas Brown and Nick Hettenbaugh.

Cameron Wilson and Dylan Paprocki of Elliottville-West Valley, Ryan Miller and Jonah Tanner of Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake, Tyson Gugino of Cassadaga Valley and Damon Janes of Westfield-Brocton complete the First Team Offense.

Curtis Caya, Brett Marcellan and Waugh of Portville joined the Randolph trio of Oldro, Brown and Hettenbaugh on the First Team Defense.

Maple Grove-Chautauqua Lake’s Chandler Baker, A.J. Hulton and Mitch Sandberg along with Eben Torres of Cassadaga Valley and Calum Watt of Ellicottville-West Valley round out the First Team Defense.



Chris DoubekRandolph Sr.

Mitchell MaycockRandolph Sr.

Michael Bowers Randolph Jr.

Bryce Morrison Randolph Jr.

Cameron WilsonEllicottville-West Valley Sr.

Dylan Paprocki Ellicottville-West Valley Sr.

Damon Janes Brocton-Westfield Jr.

Jonah Tanner Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Ryan Miller Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Tyson Gugino Cassadaga Valley Sr.


Curtis Caya Portville Sr.

Ben WaughPortville Sr.

Brett MarcellinPortville Sr.

Cody Oldro Randolph Sr.

Lucas BrownRandolph Sr.

Nick HettenbaughRandolph Sr.

Mitch SandbergMaple Grove-Chaut. Lake Soph.

A. J. Hulton Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Chandler Baker Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Calum Watt Ellicottville-West Valley Jr.

Eben TorresCassadaga ValleySr.


Nick Peterson Cassadaga Valley Jr.

Matt Hallowell Cassadaga Valley Sr.

Phalla Musall Ellicottville-West Valley Jr.

Cory Tomblin Ellicottville-West Valley Sr.

Gram Nelson Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Sr.

Tyler Furlow Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Sr.

Patrick Kibbe Randolph Jr.

Isaac Hilyer Portville Jr.

Chase Swetland Portville Jr.


Domingo Echevarria Cassadaga Valley Jr.

Fletcher Macomb Ellicottville-West Valley Sr.

Jeff Andrews Randolph Jr.

Devyn Nelson Randolph Soph.

Dustin Graziano Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Corey Pietrocarlo Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Sr.

Jed Micek Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Nolan Hunt Brocton-Westfield Jr.

Garrett Francisco Westfield-BroctonJr.

Joe Quagliana Westfield-Brocton Soph.


Alec Chelton Westfield-Brocton Soph

Kyle Witmer Westfield-BroctonSr.

Josh Atwell Cassadaga Valley Sr.

Zack Mower Cassadaga Valley Jr.

Jesse Pollock Ellicottville-West Valley Sr.

Alex Delity Ellicottville-West Valley Jr.

Austin Reisman Portville Sr.

Jeremy Freeborn Portville Sr.

Nick Hudson Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Don Rammelt Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Jr.

Brody Nolan Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Soph.

Kyle Mayer Maple Grove-Chaut. Lake Sr.

Weston Senn Randolph Soph.