Celoron Man Questions BPU Dividend Payment

CELORON – One Celoron resident isn’t happy to hear Jamestown is benefitting from utility payments made from neighboring residents.

Neil Boardman, of 306 South Town Harbor, brought to the board’s attention that the BPU was giving dividends to the city of Jamestown. Boardman said there were a lot of customers in the neighboring towns and villages who contributed to the BPU’s fund. He said the BPU determined in a meeting this was lawful because the BPU is a city-owned utility.

“To me it is a conflict of all the ratepayers outside of the city,” Boardman said. “… I think with all that extra money, they should lower our rates or give a rebate or put it in something else. I don’t think it should go to the city.”

Two resolutions were also approved during Monday’s village board meeting.

The board first considered the abandonment of Walton Avenue south of Boulevard Avenue and the alleyways and carriageways connected to the avenues, which was approved. These paper streets had been abandoned for 10-12 years, and Holiday Harbor Marina obtained the land. Jay Anderson, a Celoron resident, purchased half of a carriageway on the north side of Avon and Boulevard avenues, with Holiday Harbor Marina purchasing the other half. The marina and Anderson will be paying for filing costs, so there will be no cost to the taxpayers.

The second public hearing ended with the approval of Local Law No. 4 of 2013. This law will provide for the codification of the local laws, ordinances and certain resolutions of the village into a municipal code to be designated as the “Code of the Village of Celoron.”

In other news, Trustee Robin Young reminded everyone that the Children’s Christmas Party is Wednesday at the Resource Center at 6 p.m., and that the Old Fashioned Christmas Party at the Community Center is Sunday from 3-5 p.m.

The village board recognized Beverly Lindstrom for all of her help to the community of Celoron.