CVCS?English Teacher Published In Scholarly Journal

Jenell Krishnan was recently published in Teaching with Technology, an online, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. The article was rooted in a unique series of lessons taught in May 2013 with the help of technology coordinator, Phillip Bens, and Fredonia State student teacher, Elizabeth Poleon.

With the help of Bens and Poleon, Krishnan was able to “Backchannel” with her class during a student performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” Backchanneling is an online chat forum where participants can interact with each other in real time. Each student was provided a netbook computer to contribute to the online discussion. The chat feed was projected onto the classroom smartboard where text-based questions were answered and important insights were highlighted. Backchanneling promotes 100 percent engagement and provides a differentiated classroom participation option.

“This is one innovative method to increase student engagement while reading a complex text,” Krishnan said.

Since this publication, another international journal has expressed interested in Krishnan’s submission of future manuscripts in this area of research. The owner of has also donated a classroom subscription for Krishnan and her English classes to utilize during this school year.

Jenell Krishnan is a fifth-year English teacher at Cassadaga Valley Central School. This is not the first time that she has been published in a scholarly journal, but it is the first time she is published as first author.

Phillip Bens is the technology coordinator at Cassadaga Valley Central School. He is fully committed to supporting student and teacher productivity through promoting technology use in the classroom.

Elizabeth Poleon has since graduated from SUNY Fredonia with her bachelor’s degree in adolescence English education.