Pay Hikes Tops Three Catt. County Hearings Wednesday

LITTLE VALLEY – Public input on a couple newly proposed local laws will be sought by the members of the Cattaraugus County Legislature at their Wednesday meeting. Three public hearings are on the docket before any resolutions are heard.

A public hearing on pay increases for several department heads, as well as county leaders, will be heard. The proposed law calls for raises that would include an allocated portion of the annual 2 percent increase for 2012, with an additional 1 percent hike for 2013. According to members of the legislature, the county officers that are receiving the increase were given these increases previously. When funding proved to be insufficient, the increases were then rescinded. The salary increases will result in the following biweekly paychecks:

County Attorney: $4,392; County Administrator: $3,774; Director, Department Of Nursing Homes: $3,715; Public Health Director: $3,707; Public Defender: $3,597; Human Resources Director: $3,147; Information Services Director: $3,103; Commissioner of Public Works: $3,064; Director of Community Services: $2,944; Director, Economic Development, Planning and Tourism: $2,901; Real Property Director: $2,689; Director of Aging: $2,420; Election Commissioner (2) $2,120

As part of the law, a 3 percent increase will be added to the following positions, resulting in the salaries listed:

County Treasurer: $72,493; County Clerk: $72,601; County Coroner (4): $10,300

Other increases for department heads retroactively allocate a 2 percent increase for 2012 and 1 percent for 2013, as part of the casino revenue allocation. The following positions and biweekly pay are reflected in that resolution:

Director of Probation and Correctional Alternatives: $2,861; Youth Bureau Director: $2,259; Director of Veterans Services: $1,996; County Historian: $527; and Museum Curator: $527

A second hearing will be conducted to hear concerns about changes being considered for private payment to the county-operated nursing homes at The Pines of Machias and Olean.

Rates for the nursing homes are proposed to increase from $225 at the Olean facility to $230 and $260 at the Machias facility to $265 per day of care. The rates have been in place since they were enacted in 2011, to take effect in January 2012. Prior to that, a $2 increase to each of the facilities was enacted in 2010, to be effective January 2011.

A final public hearing will also be held for various rate increases at the Onoville Marina. The increases would be applied to two-week intervals on the use of electrical and nonelectrical slips, ranging from 20 feet to 44 feet. The cost for access and camping will also rise various amounts, depending on amenities.

Public hearings will start at 3:01 p.m., in the Third Floor Legislative Chambers of the County Building, Little Valley, 303 Court St.

In other news, members of the legislature ratified a contract with the CSEA Local 1000 general bargaining unit. According to the terms of the contract, the members of the unit would receive a 1 percent lump sum payment as a settlement for 2013, but is not an increase in base salary. Effective Jan. 1, 2014, however, members of the unit will receive a half-percent wage increase.

The contract also establishes the creation of an employee wellness program and a minimal increase in the employee contribution to health insurance premiums.

The members of the legislature also voted to allocate $123,381 from casino revenue funds to afford Management and Confidential employees a 2 percent wage increase, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013, for those that were in their positions prior to the start of the current year.