Local Women Attend Latin Grammy Awards

LAS VEGAS – A limo drove down Las Vegas Boulevard, its destination – the Latin Grammy Awards. Two of its passengers were Lisa Johnson, of Lakewood, and her friend, Shelley Adams, of Jamestown. Neither were nominees, but courtesy of the gameshow “Let’s Make a Deal” Johnson had competed and won in July, they were special guests.

Arriving at the entrance to the Grammys, the green carpet Johnson and Adams were scheduled to walk down had flooded. Ushered inside, the flashing lights of photographers greeted them.

“They thought we were nominees,” Johnson said. “Because all the nominees were arriving, so that was kind of funny.”

Johnson was impressed by the music celebration. Despite the program being all in Spanish, Johnson and Adams still knew what was going on for the most part. The women enjoyed themselves, and they were particularly impressed by the musical numbers and pyrotechnics.

After the Grammys concluded, they went to the after party. In addition to food and drinks, guests were able to interact a little with the stars.

“The stars were separated by a rail,” said Johnson. “They were in their own section.”

Afterwards, the two went on a side trip to “Let’s Make a Deal,” where Adams was the first one called as a contestant.