Kindergarteners Study Native Americans

As part of the New York state Common Core state standards, “Listening & Learning” includes a domain on Native Americans. The students learned that there were many, many different tribes of Native Americans, and that each tribe had its own way of eating, dressing, and living, depending on where they lived. They learned about three tribes in particular: the Lakota Sioux of the Great Plains region, and the Wampanoag and the Lenape, both of the Eastern Woodlands region. Each Native American group had their own distinctive culture. The students in Mrs. Gloss’ Kindergarten class enjoyed doing projects to accompany their learning, but the one they were most excited to take home was their dream catchers, pictured. It is meant to hang above your bed. The bad dreams get tangled in the web and disappear when the sun comes up. The good dreams float through the web, down the feather, and onto the sleeping person in bed.