Third Graders Make Crafts For Emeritus Assisted Living Residents

Nearly one hundred Southwestern Elementary third graders created crafts to give to the residents of Emeritus Assisted Living Facility on Southwestern Drive. In return, Emeritus had prepared cookies and juice for the students to have while taking opportunities to share stories with the residents. Mrs. Hetrick, the music teacher at SWES, created and taught all of the third-grade students three songs to sing. In years past, the interaction between the students and residents has been a positive experience for both. The residents love to ask questions and tell stories of their third-grade or elementary school experiences. This has enriched the students’ understanding of how education has evolved over the years. This year, however, due to the poor weather conditions on Halloween day, students were not able to make the walk to Emeritus. Despite the weather, the students still each made a craft to give to a resident. Students were given cookies and pencils in return. Hopefully the weather will cooperate better next year so that the SWES third graders can participate in this community service Halloween tradition at Southwestern.