Give Obamacare Time Before Criticism

To The Reader’s Forum:

I believe in the ideas of Obamacare as being better than doing nothing to correct our health insurance system. Difficulties, such as the poor performance of the website, should be peacefully worked on and fixed without bashing the President. Problems along the way are to be expected and need to be worked on, not as a cause of panic and retreat.

I believe that the main reason for the cancellation of some insurance policies is that the programs need to include more services for the patients which now are not being covered, such as women’s care, children’s care and urgent care, etc. These policies should be looked at for their faults and should be changed to better policies. Insurances that provide good, comprehensive coverage should be allowed to continue if the people want them.

We should accept the need for Obamacare in a positive way and not tire the people with the endless, repeated bashing of those trying their best to implement it. This is a long process and a rocky road. It is not a failure yet. Give it a chance. Do not demand perfection from the beginning. Human error interferes with the possibility of having it all right from the start. Abandoning the process is counter-productive to the needs of the consumers.

Patricia E. Moniot