Contractor Charged With Grand Larceny, Theft Of Services

LAKEWOOD – A local contractor was charged Sunday after asking a client-whom he allegedly conned out of $4,000 – to pay his taxi fare.

According to the Lakewood-Busti Police Department, Kerry L. Anderson, 46, of Stockton was hired by a Lakewood homeowner in the beginning of November. Anderson received an initial $4,000 to begin services, allegedly claiming that he needed money to buy supplies from Home Depot. The client, suspecting Anderson was stealing from her home, contacted Home Depot and was told that Anderson had never bought a single item from the store, police said. The client contacted the police, and an investigation of a possible grand larceny began.

On Sunday, Anderson took a taxi from Jamestown to Lakewood and back to Jamestown. When unable to pay the $150 fare, Anderson allegedly told the driver that his aunt in Lakewood could pay for it.

The so-called “aunt” was the Lakewood homeowner, who told him to leave when he asked for money at her door.

Anderson was taken into custody shortly after the client and taxi driver contacted the police.

Further investigation revealed that Anderson had also stolen jewelry from the client’s home, police said.

Anderson was charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, theft of services and third-degree grand larceny.