Burdic Just Misses 300 Set

Paul Burdic was the latest person to just miss a 300 in area bowling on Wednesday night.

Burdic was working on a perfect game when he left a pin for a 299 in the Lena’s Pizza League at Jamestown Bowling Company. He had a 223 later on and finished with a 728 series.

Jeff Wadsworth recorded a 278-244-707 and Bill Thompson a 269-255-708, both for Wadsworth Construction in the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC.

Chris Conti dropped a 268-244-685 for the Penny Saver, Ryan Beaver a 247-233-681 for Dunn Tire and Phil O’Brien a 267-679 for Midnite Towing in the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC.

Joe Foti spun a 268 at JBC.

Fountain Bowl: Ladies Doubles League – Theresa Jackson 527.

Farr’s Allstate League – Dave Eriksen Jr. 243-240-654, Mike Koresko 603, Mark Sanden 598.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Classy League – Lori Lassen 509, Andrea Mott 508, Melody Stearns 507, Sharon Zdunski 505, Anne Frankson 498, Cindy Carmen 475.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza/Townline Auto League – Jeanne Colburn 206-567, Becky Washer 547, Michelle Slade 515, Jen Goshgarian 502, Marlene Macey 492.

Lena’s Pizza Men’s League – Joe Foti 234-666, Josh Volk 221-235-658, Chris Johnson 220-652, Dave Rasmussen 235-644, John Williams Sr. 232-636, Wayne Harvey 225-613, Ken Berlund 615, George Wendell 221-612, Doug Wheeler 610,. Terry Frank 224-606, Jim Chapman 603, Dan Benson Jr. 600, Tim Wares 227-589, Mike York 594, Ron Lyon 224-589, John Angeletti 587, Al Maybach 221-586, Ron Saxton 231-581, Pedro Melendez 579, Tim Whitmore 578, Roger Golden 576.